32 weeks…

Yesterday was our weekly appointment at the Dr. We had our sonogram and got to see our little man again. He is getting so big! Next week they will do all the measurements and tell us how big he is. This week they just did another biophysical. My fluid levels are perfect, and so is our little Truett. He was practicing his breathing again and swallowing. We got another good look at his heart and all the valves are doing exactly what they should be. He is still head down which I was very happy to hear!  Dr says if we make it 12 more days (34 weeks) we are in the clear!!! That was music to our ears for sure!  At 36 weeks I’ll be admitted to Labor and Delivery and they will take out my stitch. I’ll spend at least 24 hours there being monitored and we will see what happens. I’m so hoping and praying that he will come at that point! It would be so hard to have to come home with no baby!

We are getting so close! I can’t believe it! Thank you to our faithful friends who have prayed for us! We are so thankful for you all!


  • pattyshanny

    How exciting…he is going to be here before you know it!