30 weeks and counting!

Matt and I are both still having a hard time believing that we are at 30 weeks… well let’s be honest, Matt and I are still having a hard time believing we are having a baby! Sure I’m getting kicked and punched and elbowed on a regular basis, we get to see our little man every week during our sonograms, and all of my clothes seem to be getting smaller, but to think that in a few short weeks we will have a little boy in our arms is still blowing our minds! We are so excited, yet none of it seems real!

Our appointment this week was again great! Our little Truett passed his biophysical profile during the sonogram again this week with flying colors! This includes moving, muscle tone, amount of amniotic fluid, and breathing. He is quite the little show off! He is practicing his breathing like a champ each time we get to see him! He is back to being head down this week which we were all really excited about! Dr says he is measuring perfectly, his heart looks great and my stitches are holding very well! She is VERY pleased with how things are going. The plan is to keep doing what we are doing until 36 weeks. At that point, we will stop the progesterone shots and take out the stitches and see what happens.

According to our Dr many patients go into labor 24-48 hours after the stitches are removed, but there are some that end up having to be induced. We are hoping and praying that he comes on his own!!! We can’t wait to finally hold our little man!

Thanks again for your prayers! They mean so much!