33 week… The long and the not so short of it

Our weekly Drs appointment was yesterday! Is it sad that I love Wednesdays? I love getting out of the house, because Matt has the day off and we usually run errands after our appointment. Also, every week I love the staff at our Drs office even more. Yesterday we sat and talked with 2 of our favorite nurses, the sonographer, and our Dr through part of their lunch break! They are so wonderful!

Our Sonogram was great as usual! I told Kelly when she asked if he had been moving a lot that if I didn’t know any better I would have thought he sprouted a couple of extra limbs this week! She laughed and started our sonogram. She started looking around and said, “Oh! I think I can see why you would say that!”. She did her measurements for the growth scan and asked if long limbs run in our family. Well neither Matt nor I have extra long arms or legs, so we were a bit stumped. But she says that it usually skips a generation. Apparently everything on our little Truett is measuring perfectly at 33.5 weeks accept his legs which are measuring 35 and his arms that are measuring 36.5! Our baby is all limbs!!!!!

I did ask yesterday if she was sure he was a boy… I just had this panic moment where I thought, what if he comes out a she! She checked again, and she says there is no question! He is a boy! Kelly also told us that he has a beautiful 4 chambered heart and a perfect little diaphragm. They estimate that he weighs in at 4 lbs 10 oz right now! He is getting so big!

Doctor is very pleased with how he is growing and developing and how my stitch is holding. Looks like my stitch will be coming out the second week of March! Then we just wait for our little man to make his debut! We are so excited to finally meet him!


2 thoughts on “33 week… The long and the not so short of it

  1. jennys

    Great, great news! I’m so very happy everything is going well.

    Isn’t it amazing how attached you can get to the nurses? We loved ours so much! We became really attached and it was sad not to see them after Mackenzie was born. But then we found out we were expecting Ben (a short 8 weeks later!), but our doctor was no longer taking OB patients…but our new doctor and staff turned out to be just as wonderful!! It’s really a fun experience. I’m so glad you are documenting it all!

  2. pattyshanny

    Thanks for the update! I love hearing about Truett’s progress. Continuing to think of you guys every day and pray that you make it to you goal date!

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