34 weeks…

I’m starting to feel like I post the same things every week, but people keep asking, so here it goes….

Our Drs appointment Wednesday was uneventful. Our Sonogram went well. Our little man is practicing his breathing every time we see him which is so cute and such a good sign! I love watching him squirm around! Kelly, the Sonographer, asks every week if he always moves around that much… my answer is always the same. Yes he does! Our crazy boy does not like to stop moving! His new favorite activity is kicking Daddy in the back when we go to bed at night!

Dr says everything is measuring perfectly, my fluid levels are great, and she has no concerns. I will be admitted to the hospital March 7th to have my cerclage removed. They will monitor me for 24 hours and see what happens. If I go into labor great, if not they will send me home to wait until I do. I did ask her this week if there was a trampoline in Labor and Delivery that I could use after she takes out the cerclage. She laughed then said she really didn’t think it would take THAT much to get him out!  So, we will just wait and see what happens!

Can’t believe in less than 2 weeks we could be holding our precious baby! I am so excited and so ready to know what he looks like!


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  1. susanstark

    Nana can hardly wait to meet grand baby #4.
    How great is our God to let me live to see and be a part of these precious children’s lives! Sixteen years ago, while I was going through cancer treatment, I wasn’t sure that I would ever meet my grand babies! I am so thankful!

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