Funny cravings

Our Drs appointment yesterday was good as usual. I got my last progesterone shot! YAY!!!! No more sore hiney! Everything looks good. Truett is growing so much!!!! Dr was surprised that I had gone from measuring barely 34 weeks last week to measuring 36.5 this week especially since I barely gained 2 pounds. I think she is glad that he is catching up though… I’ve measured small every week until now. Sonogram was great. He was moving all over the place like usual. I can’t wait to finally meet this little man!

I always thought the whole craving thing was kind of crazy… and I also thought it was something that happened in the beginning stages of pregnancy. Now I’m pretty sure I was wrong on both accounts. In the beginning of my pregnancy I ate pickles like they were going out of style, apples, and grilled cheese from sonic. I didn’t really feel like I was craving anything, those were just the only things that sounded good!

Soon I got over it and started eating more normally again. I just consumed mass amounts of yogurt, cheese, and very specific chocolate ice cream! The last few months all I have wanted is fruit. Strawberries mainly which has been difficult because the strawberry selection was not great when that phase started.

Last night we were out with some friends of ours and all I could think about was cotton candy. I wanted Cotton candy so bad! So Matt and Paul went to the store and found me cotton candy! I have the best husband! It was so yummy! Truett must have agreed.. he was dancing all over the place!

Our little man is such good entertainment already! I can’t wait to finally meet him see what he looks like! Our lives are about to get so much more fun! We are blessed.


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