4 Months!

4 Months Old!

What our little man is up to:

14 pounds

25.5 inches long

Wearing some 3-6 month clothes but moving up to 6-9 month because of length.

Rolls from tummy to back but is trying so hard to roll from back to tummy! That arm just keeps getting in the way!

Sleeps from about 10:30PM until 6:00AM eats and goes back to sleep. He takes about 3 naps a day ranging from 45 mins to 4 hours depending on the day.

His favorite thing to do is take a bath! We are now just putting a little water in the tub and laying him in it. He squeals, splashes, and giggles and usually cries when it is time to get out! I think he would live in the tub if we would let him!

He is loving playing on the floor and spins and scoots all over! The exersaucer is becoming one of his favorite places to be now as well! ┬áHe loves to be able to see what is going on! I can’t believe how quickly he is growing!

His gums have been swollen for about 2 months now, but he is really showing signs of teething lately. He has become a drool factory and is chewing on everything he can get his hands on! Hopefully soon those teeth will poke through and give him some relief!

We started giving Truett rice cereal this past week! He get’s it twice a day and LOVES it! He usually finishes his bowl and wants more! We are looking forward to giving him some veggies in a few weeks!!!

Love that Smile!


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