A Doozy of a Day

Today was one of those days… you know the ones I’m talking about, the one where everything seems to go wrong….

Our sweet boy has been cutting his molars and they have all at least broken through the surface, and then he got a cold. He’s been all stuffy and having trouble sleeping.

It started at about 1:00am. He woke up really upset so I went in and snuggled him until he was back to sleep. He was up again at 3:00, and 5:00. At that point we just brought him to bed with us… which was a mistake… Try as he might, he could not get comfortable. There were feet everywhere in my ribs, in my face, in my knees… I’m not sure how someone so small can take up so much of our bed! He tried to sit on my head,  tried to lay crossways in the bed, the end came quickly when he tickled daddy. I took him back to his room about 6:45. He cried for a few seconds and then was quiet. I finally passed out and he started stirring about 8:30.

We got up and watched some cartoons and snuggled till he started body slamming me. I went to make him some breakfast. In the meantime he unloaded the bag of recycling that was sitting by the door to take out. While I cleaned that up, he threw all the clean laundry off the couch onto the floor. When I realized what he was doing I ran in to stop him and stepped on a bag of chips that he had taken from the cabinet and threw on the floor. As I stepped on the bag, it exploded and shot chips all over the living room. He was excited! Chips for breakfast!!!!!

I got him in his chair and fed him his real breakfast and when he finished I grabbed the vacuum to clean up the chip mess. This sent him into a tizzy. He cried sobbed and ran from me. The vacuum is terrifying unless he is the one using it.

We move on to play time in his room. Puzzles are the hit of the day. He plays for awhile and seems to be doing great. Then he starts unloading his toy box, and by unloading I meant tossing hurling toys across the room over his shoulders. Then He-man style he turns the toy box on its side and climbs on top. I sat and watched all of this in awe.

I text Matt asking if he is coming home early from work… He laughs. I get a text from the neighbor down the street. Her little girl Ally is destroying their house today too… maybe its something in the water? We decide to meet in her yard and let the monsters kids run till they drop.

We get there and both of them act completely normal… sharing toys sitting on the sidewalk eating snacks, giving hugs… We are dumbfounded. Truett comes home after playing with no tears… he usually gets really upset when we have to go inside.

He has lunch we get ready for nap and he throws a kicking screaming fit… Finally he calms down and falls asleep in my arms.  He took a great nap and when he woke up all he wanted to do was play with the vacuum… the same one that he was terrified of earlier. The rest of the afternoon he was in a pretty good mood, a bit more whiney than usual and still kind of wild but not horrible.

Fast forward to bedtime. He had his bath and I was getting his diaper ready. I go to reach for him as he starts peeing all over the floor the rug and his basketball. Cue a total meltdown because we won’t let him play with the ball that is covered in pee.  Daddy goes to get the rug cleaner while I’m mopping up the puddle with a towel. Grab my phone to take a quick picture because he was being cute and beeping daddy’s work badge on everything.


Then he squats and poops on the rug. That’s right my kid dropped a deuce in the middle of his bedroom floor. Before I realize what happened he stepped in that big ole turd and left a poop footprint on his rug. Daddy walks in and we both kinda freak out which makes Truett think he is in trouble. So he starts to run from us…stepping on the turd again and making more poop prints. Daddy catches the now sobbing boy and whisks him off to the shower while I sit on the floor and laugh.

It’s now 11:00pm the mess has long been cleaned up and my baby is in bed. I am sitting here exhausted, but, even as I type this, I can’t help but laugh again. With everything that went wrong today I am still incredibly blessed to have such an amazing kid and husband. In spite of all the calamities that went on, I can’t imagine how I could love my boy any more.

Don’t get me wrong… There were moments today where I felt like a horrible mom, moments where I just wanted to crawl in bed, moments when I thought I was going to cry, but even in those moments, all I have to do is look at my crazy, handsome, super smart little boy. One smile from that blue eyed kid makes everything else seem so insignificant.

Tonight I’m thanking the Lord for blessing me with a wild and crazy boy whom I love with all my heart (even when he makes life insanely crazy interesting) and a sweet, caring, thoughtful husband who took us out to dinner no questions asked because he knew it was a rough day.

I mean really… who wouldn’t want to wake up and be greeted by this face???