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Dance Party (at Jacob and Kelli’s Wedding!)

Truett had such a fun time celebrating the wedding of our cousin Kelli and her husband Jacob. We’re so happy for them. Truett celebrated by dancing non-stop for about 3 hours. It was pretty awesome.



4th of July Beach Fun!

We went to the beach on the 4th instead of sticking inland for the fireworks. The result was a really fun evening with our good friends Mary Jane and Red. Truett took advantage of this time to fly his kite from Ma-maw and Poo-pa (Matt’s Parents) that he got a while back. We ended up having the beach all to ourselves, which was just a blast!

Swim Time!

Truett and I went swimming the other day, and had a blast – Sarah came to check out what was going on for a bit, and threw the boy in the pool.

Slow Motion Splashes!

Truett loves swimming in the pool, but even more so JUMPING in the pool. figured I’d catch some of the big splashes in slow-mo. Enjoy!

Swim time with Truett

Truett has become quite the little fish lately. He’s really enjoying the pool at our new place. Now we’ve just got to get him into swim lessons!


Truett’s 3rd Birthday!

Truett turned 3 today. He got to blow bubbles in his milk, go to the zoo, ride rides, and of course, have a yummy cake that mommy made for him. When all was said and done, he was so stinking tired! Love this little boy!



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