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On my way home

So I came, I saw, and (at least I feel) I conquered the interviews. I feel very positive about the entire process. The recruiter has been awesome, the guy who would be my superior’s superior seemed really positive and seemed to enjoy the proposed feature that I came up with (when asked to add a new feature). My superior has an awesome personality, and the team (both immediate and larger group, all seem like great, really fun) people to be around and a lot of them have kids! not a shameless plug to get the job… Remember: our blog’s protected)

Overall, even if I don’t get an offer, I came out of this whole process a better person, and never shall an interview be intimidating again, because when you interview with an unnamed fruit company everything else is peanuts. At least that’s how it seems to me. Plus, it was a blast to get to see Shawna, David, and Andrea.

We’ve got a lot of people praying for us at this moment, and I want to give you a big thanks. The biggest thing that we ask you pray for us is wisdom.
Is this the right place for us?
Will we be able to sell the house? (can’t rent due to HOA bylaws)
How often will we be able to see family? (in person)

Thank you for all your prayers and support! We love you guys!


On my way to Cali

About a month ago, Sarah and I started a discussion. I’ve been in my current role with the Apple store for about 4 1/2 years. I love my job, I LOVE my company, and I love my co-workers. But one thing was lacking… Room for growth. I really don’t want to be a manager, I don’t want to be a lead genius, and I never thought that Sarah would be okay with moving out to California.

So, I asked her what she thought of the idea of moving to California. She responded with “I’ve always wanted to live in San Francisco, and as long as I’ve got Truett and you, I’ll be just fine.”

Well, needless to say I was quite surprised, but excited at the same time. Apple has some opportunities in KC, but not many, and with my skill set, they just didn’t seem to match up. With that said, I applied and sent in my resume to the recruiters. I got a response back from two different teams letting me know that they’d like to have some phone interviews. I had two phone interviews with two different teams. One team decided to go a different direction, which is okay, as the second interview didn’t go as well as I would have liked. But the other team liked me well enough that they wanted to bring me out to Cupertino (Apple’s HQ).

Sarah and I told our families, to which the response was quite positive. (although there are a few reservations on both sides – Who would be excited about the cutest kid in the world moving away from them?)

So here I am, sitting on a plane, typing this on my phone as I gaze down at the grand canyon. I miss my wife and my little man more than anything right now. (and I’ve only been away from them for about 4 hours) And I wouldn’t put them through this if I didn’t think that this could be an amazing career move for me us. I want what’s best for my family.

So I guess besides the informative nature of this post, I would ask that you pray that we have wisdom to make the right decision, if we’re presented a choice.