Changes to our blog… again…

So there have been many things that have been swirling through my head lately. One of which is web safety. Now I will mention that it is extremely important to safeguard yourself on the web. There are certain things you can to to make sure you’re protected. One of the things that we had done to protect ourselves was to make sure that our blog was password protected. However, after some careful consideration, we have decided that it is no longer needed. Our goal with our blog is to share our life, and while that is easy with family and friends, it’s a little scary with the prospect of sharing with (potentially) the whole world. But alas, we have caved. Sarah and I have discussed and our blog is no longer password protected. We never post pictures of our Truett naked, and we know not to geotag our photos (I think I posted 1 on the entire blog from when we lived in Gardner). So welcome to our “open book”. Mostly we post pictures. (Check ’em out if you haven’t been to the site in a while). But on occasion I’ll get creative and edit a little video, and post that, too.

We miss you all who are catching our updates from the midwest, and hope that you can come visit (we have a guest room)