Daddy’s Buddy

Our little Truett Matthew (pronounced True It) sure loves his Daddy! Maybe it’s because he is named for his Daddy, or maybe it is because his Daddy has been yelling in my belly everyday for months, or maybe its because he just knows how amazing his Daddy is. It astounds me how even at an age when a baby can’t survive outside of the womb how amazingly perfect they still are! For weeks now, when Matt gets home from work this little man starts kicking the minute he hears his Daddy’s voice!  It is just so cool that Truett recognizes who his daddy is so quickly!

The other day, Truett must have just been tired. He didn’t move nearly as much as he usually does all day. So before I went to bed, I was trying to get a response out of him. I layed in bed poking and rubbing my belly, talking to him for at least half and hour… no response at all. Matt got out of the shower and looked at me like I was nuts! He walked over, leaned his head down by my belly and said, “Hello in there!” and immediately I got kicked. I giggled, so Matt kept talking. With each sentence he said, Truett got more and more excited and started kicking harder.

I can’t wait to see my two favorite boys together someday. What an amazing moment that will be!

This precious little boy has brought so much joy to our house in the few short months that we have had him. We can’t wait for the day he is finally strong enough to be born so we can hold him and tell him about all the amazing people who have daily been lifting him up in prayer and love him so much even before he was here!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers! We wouldn’t make it without you!