Showered with diapers…. (clean ones)

Hey Everybody,
Just wanted to send out a huge thank you for all the gifts and especially diapers that we got from Sarah’s shower this weekend.

Sarah’s friend Jen decided to host a raffle at the shower, and the entry fee was a package of diapers, wipes, or the cost of one of these. We ended up with:

Newborn and size 1: 995 diapers
size 2: 384 diapers
size 3: 146 diapers
Wipes: 996

Total: 1525 Diapers

Check out the video:

Thanks everyone who came!


  • pattyshanny

    Wow Sarah…that’s a lot of diapers…I’m sure they will go fast. Sorry I couldn’t be there, you’ll have to post what all you got.

  • jhoward

    Wow! That is hilarious! What a great idea:) Can’t wait to see you guys in a few months!