Playing games and an update

Our little man is definitely growing! He is getting bigger and stronger everyday! Sometimes I am still caught off guard by the whole experience! I know that sounds crazy, but we have waited so long for our little miracle baby that sometimes it doesn’t really feel real at all.

Last night I was laying in bed playing a game on my phone waiting for Matt to get out of the shower and Truett started rolling around. I quickly put my hand on my belly just in time to feel one of his huge feet kick three times exactly where my hand was. I pushed back and felt him pull his foot back. Next thing I know he is kicking me again! So again I pushed back and that foot was right back kicking at my hand. We played like that for about 10 minutes. It was amazing! I was so disappointed that Matt missed it, but when Matt came to bed, he started doing it again! Over and over he would kick in the same spot. We would giggle and push back at him and he would do it again.

We are getting more and more excited every day! I am continually amazed by the whole process of having a baby. What an incredible journey. We finally got to see some good heart shots on the ultrasound this week now that he has turned around and is head down! Kelly, the sonographer slowed it down and we could even see the valves opening and closing. His little 4 chamber heart looks perfect! We finally got a profile picture too… (Matt needs to scan it so we can put it up). She had a hard time getting it though because he kept burying his face in the placenta! Silly boy!

I’m feeling so much stronger and getting my energy back slowly but surely. I’m hoping that it comes back full force in the next few weeks! I’m running out of time before this little man makes his appearance!

We are continually blessed by all of you! Your prayers, calls, and visits mean so much. Thank you for loving us!

2 thoughts on “Playing games and an update

  1. Amy W

    Love it!!! I just know he’s going to be the sweetest thing ever – when we finally get to meet him. 🙂

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