Requesting information

Monday is the big day. At 7am my cerclage comes out and then we wait to see what happens. We could have a baby within 24 hours, or we could end up waiting 4-6 more weeks. The unknown is killing me! I am so ready to finally hold this baby in my arms and know that he is ok!

Today I am packing our bags, doing laundry and trying to wrap my brain around the fact that in a few days we could have a baby. It is crazy exciting yet completely overwhelming! As I’m packing and getting ready I am thinking about all of you who have faithfully prayed for us, loved us, and have taken such good care of us! What blessings you have been! Thank you! Matt has requested I make a list of email address so that once Truett is here we can send out a message letting all of you know! So if you would like to be included in this list here is what you need to do: Send me an email: so that I have your email address!

Another big thank you for all your prayers and support! We are so very blessed!


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