Still hanging on…

36 weeks

It has been awhile. The last few weeks have been a roller coaster! This picture was taken at exactly 36 weeks. It was also taken at about 6:00am the day we headed to the hospital to have my cerclage removed. Can you tell I was surviving on about 3 hours of sleep?

It was an eventful day! My cerclage was removed by 7:30 that morning… boy was that fun! Once it was removed they monitored me for contractions and Truett’s heart rate for a few hours before I was allowed to get up. The contractions started almost immediately and continued throughout the day. Truett was a little trooper. Every nurse kept telling us how perfect his heart rate looked when they came in.

They finally let me get up and walk around after lunch and the contractions kept coming. Some were stronger than others, but not too bad. It wasn’t until that evening that they started to be super steady and get more painful. They stayed that way for awhile and by about 2 am they were still coming but not as often or as strong. They checked me through out the day, but I was stuck at 4 cm and 80% effaced. So after a long night of little sleep and lots of alarms from Truett moving away from the heart monitor they sent us home. I was exhausted! Boy was it good to be in my own bed!

Almost 2 weeks have passed and as of yesterday, I was less dilated than I was the week before. The first thing out of our Dr’s mouth when she came in yesterday… “I can’t believe you are still pregnant!”.  I am still having contractions all the time, but I’ve learned to just ignore them. Truett is not slowing down in his dance moves. He is all over the place! Crazy little monkey!

We are surviving. We are so anxious for him to be here yet we know it is good that he is where he is. It is such a mix of emotions. After all of this I think I am going to have a hard time until I can finally hold him in my arms and know for sure that he is ok. They can tell me all they want that he is perfect yet until I can see it with my own eyes and touch him myself, I don’t think I will stop worrying.  I have told Matt that the next person who tells me “he will come when he is ready” may just get slugged! I’m so tired of hearing this from everyone! 😉

So that is the latest news here… Maybe someday this kid will decided to cooperate and come out… or maybe we will have to force him out! I tried giving up being pregnant for lent… but he just laughed and jumped harder on my bladder! Until he is here I guess I better get over it and try and keep my mind on other things.