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Mass Photo update!

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He’s so silly – Always uses the biggest ball, while he has about 6 others that fit just fine…
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Just drawing with chalk
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He stole my water bottle!Bef1e7dad36211e19b9b22000a1e86b3 7

Having some breakfastEaeeb9fad2e311e1a98b22000a1e879e 7

Love this new grin!09204182d2b211e1b39e22000a1e88a5 7

I love it when he sits like thisA4e64bacd29e11e18dc022000a1cdd2b 7

Just reading some books56ac1b2ed28f11e1b52912313820446d 7

He snuggled up and went to sleep61555c96d21e11e1958512313d29ea2e 7

He loves to paint with waterFdf18572d20d11e1a2fe22000a1e8a58 7

He stole daddy’s phone and started tweeting!