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Christmas with the Stark Family

Our family Christmas was completely different this year…but it was still super fun.

We had a great time watching the kids open all their gifts.

They get so excited about everything!

Emi and Her Uncle Mattie

Megan with her new dress up shoes

Rah Rah with the kids

Rah Rah and Aunt Sissy

Josiah loves his legos!

I made Emi a new hat and scarf for Christmas.. she knew exactly what to do with them!

Megan Loved her new pillow pet!

Nice Hat Josiah!

Truett’s First Christmas Presents!

So Aunt Sissy (Christi) and family got our little guy some awesome presents for Christmas, even though he’s not here quite yet.

He made out like a little bandit!

Truett's Pile O' Presents

The Stylish "My Aunt Rocks" T-shirt - Yes she does...

The Official Linus Security Blanket

"My dad is outta this world T-shirt"

Snuggle Bunnies Book

Pantalones! x 2

Thanks Aunt Sissy – You Rock!!!