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Showered with diapers…. (clean ones)

Hey Everybody,
Just wanted to send out a huge thank you for all the gifts and especially diapers that we got from Sarah’s shower this weekend.

Sarah’s friend Jen decided to host a raffle at the shower, and the entry fee was a package of diapers, wipes, or the cost of one of these. We ended up with:

Newborn and size 1: 995 diapers
size 2: 384 diapers
size 3: 146 diapers
Wipes: 996

Total: 1525 Diapers

Check out the video:

Thanks everyone who came!


Snow Daze….

So we’re here in the cozy warm of our house. We were hoping and praying not to have to go anywhere today. However, with Sarah’s appointment tomorrow, we would’ve had to got out in the deeper snow. So… We called the Doctor’s office, and went in for the weekly visit today. Everything went well while we were there. Kelly, the Sonographer, is only there on Monday and Wednesday, so we had to listen to Truett’s heartbeat for about 20 minutes, just so we knew that things were normal.

While we were there, we got a call and a text from the Apple Store, letting me know that they were closing for the day at noon. I’m so excited that I get to spend some much needed time with my Rah Rah!

Sarah’s working with her mom on a biography-type book for her grandpa. It’s been a long task, but I’m really excited to see the finished product. It’s going to be a wonderful thing for him to look at, as well as the grandkids, and many generations to come.


Playing games and an update

Our little man is definitely growing! He is getting bigger and stronger everyday! Sometimes I am still caught off guard by the whole experience! I know that sounds crazy, but we have waited so long for our little miracle baby that sometimes it doesn’t really feel real at all.

Last night I was laying in bed playing a game on my phone waiting for Matt to get out of the shower and Truett started rolling around. I quickly put my hand on my belly just in time to feel one of his huge feet kick three times exactly where my hand was. I pushed back and felt him pull his foot back. Next thing I know he is kicking me again! So again I pushed back and that foot was right back kicking at my hand. We played like that for about 10 minutes. It was amazing! I was so disappointed that Matt missed it, but when Matt came to bed, he started doing it again! Over and over he would kick in the same spot. We would giggle and push back at him and he would do it again.

We are getting more and more excited every day! I am continually amazed by the whole process of having a baby. What an incredible journey. We finally got to see some good heart shots on the ultrasound this week now that he has turned around and is head down! Kelly, the sonographer slowed it down and we could even see the valves opening and closing. His little 4 chamber heart looks perfect! We finally got a profile picture too… (Matt needs to scan it so we can put it up). She had a hard time getting it though because he kept burying his face in the placenta! Silly boy!

I’m feeling so much stronger and getting my energy back slowly but surely. I’m hoping that it comes back full force in the next few weeks! I’m running out of time before this little man makes his appearance!

We are continually blessed by all of you! Your prayers, calls, and visits mean so much. Thank you for loving us!

Christmas with the Stark Family

Our family Christmas was completely different this year…but it was still super fun.

We had a great time watching the kids open all their gifts.

They get so excited about everything!

Emi and Her Uncle Mattie

Megan with her new dress up shoes

Rah Rah with the kids

Rah Rah and Aunt Sissy

Josiah loves his legos!

I made Emi a new hat and scarf for Christmas.. she knew exactly what to do with them!

Megan Loved her new pillow pet!

Nice Hat Josiah!

27 weeks…

It has been awhile… Things here have been a little crazy. We celebrated Christmas, Matt’s Birthday/New Years, and Christmas again! After all that partying, I’ve had to spend a lot of time catching up on my sleep!

We had our appointment yesterday. Everything is still looking good! The stitch is holding great, Truett is growing right on schedule, and our Dr is very pleased. We are still going in weekly for our appointments, mainly because I have to get my progesterone shots, but while we are there they always check everything out. All of the staff at the Drs office know us by name and are so super nice. What a blessing!

I’m starting to get some energy back after spending so much time not being able to do anything. I’m trying to take it easy yet keep up with laundry and dishes, but some days the couch just seems much more appealing. We are slowly working on getting Truett’s room ready. I’ve washed some of his clothes and blankets that we have gotten as gifts, cleaned the bouncy seat and other items we purchased this summer at a consignment sale, and I’m trying to get things organized.  I’ve picked out some decorating things and I’m getting them painted and ready to hang. Hopefully we will have pictures to post of it soon. We still need to refinish the cool antique dresser that we bought off of Craigslist this summer and paint the changing table to match… maybe we will get to that before he gets here…. Anyone know anything about refinishing furniture??????

Truett is definitely getting bigger! While I still haven’t gained any weight, my maternity clothes are all getting smaller! Last night Matt was laying on my belly talking to him and Truett kicked so hard that he bounced Matt’s head off my belly! I think it surprised Matt a little! His kicks and flips are getting stronger each day. I think feeling him move is the coolest thing I have ever experienced.

We are so excited to finally meet our little man! Just a few more weeks!!!!


Weekly Update…

We had our weekly appointment with the Dr today. Got my lovely shot, had our sonogram, and visited with the Dr. Everyone is very pleased with how things are looking. So far there has been no change in my cervix which is great news! After 4 weeks of bed rest, since I’m not having any bleeding or contractions and things are looking stable. Dr has given me permission to start getting up and doing things as I feel I can.  I am even allowed out of the house, including shopping! YAY! I’m not allowed to lift anything heavy, and I can’t return to work, but I can start doing somethings around the house and actually start having a social life again!

Truett is looking great! He is growing and changing each week. He spent most of our sonogram today with his hand up by his face waving at us! He is still way up high under my belly button, but has decided that my bladder makes a fabulous trampoline. Got to love that!  We did get another look today and he is a boy! Matt is just thrilled! He can’t wait to have another boy in the house… I hope that means I won’t get picked on more…

The plan as of now, as long as everything continues this way, is to take my stitches out around 36 weeks… So chances are Truett will be a little March baby instead of April. I’m not going to complain about that though. I don’t think I will quit worrying till our sweet baby is safe in my arms and I can see and touch him and KNOW that everything is ok.

Matt took me to Hobby Lobby when we were done at the Dr so I could get a few things to start getting Truett’s room ready. I have to say by the time we walked to the back of the store, I was ready to come home and take a nap! Not only that, but my ab muscles were so sore! I’m not used to carrying around this baby belly I guess.

We are so blessed to have such a great Dr who truly cares about us and Truett. We feel so comfortable with her and know she is doing everything she can to keep our baby safe!

Thank you all for your continued prayers!



So, I may not look like it, but I can be pretty introspective. Things may only ever seem to hit the surface with me, but I really do think alot about deep things.

Where do I start?

Well, Sarah & I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 & 1/2 years. It’s been a long road, and we even went so far as to going to get fertility treatments. Finally – after about 4-5 months with fertility treatments, we got pregnant. We were so excited! We were finally going to be parents. We didn’t have any idea that anything would go wrong.

And then, in the middle of the night- about 8 weeks into the pregnancy, Sarah started having horrible contractions. And that’s when our world shattered. Everything that we’d been hoping and praying for….gone. We lost our precious baby.

We were both heartbroken. It was more than what we could handle. We both fell into a depression. I had to do something. I wanted to feel some physical pain to match that which was in my heart. So, I know it may sound stupid, but I got a tattoo so that I wouldn’t forget. We named our baby Samuel. (1 Samuel 1: 22-28) This baby was from God, and we wanted him to be God’s.

Sarah's handwriting of our baby's name

Sarah and I didn’t know what to do. We had a hard time deciding whether or not to start actively trying to get pregnant again. We didn’t want to go through this heartbreak again, and never wanted anyone to feel this pain. Soon after, though, we didn’t have to decide.

We found out we were pregnant again! How awesome. God was so true to his word. He, once again, gave us the desires of our hearts. We were so excited for this.

Then, on November 24 (The day before Thanksgiving), we went in for a scheduled doctors appointment. We were to have a sonogram to measure the baby, and (hopefully) find out what “it” was. But the news we got was terrifying. Sarah’s cervix was “funneling”. This means that it was opening from the baby’s side outward, and that we may lose the baby. So Sarah was put on bedrest.

We made it though Thanksgiving (with 22 guests at our house) – I made most of the Thanksgiving meal. I had a great coach from the livingroom, though. (Who would’a thought you could make a pecan pie just by having someone read you the directions?). And we had another appointment the next week.

Since Sarah was on bedrest, and I was at work ALOT, her sister came to help out. She made food, did laundry, cleaned, and made my life a whole lot easier (Thanks Christi- Love ya!). She even came to the sonogram with us. I’m glad she did.

We found out that Sarah’s cervix was opening even more, and that we needed to perform a cerclage (stitching the cervix shut), to prevent losing our precious baby. Sarah’s sister was the moral support we needed, and the prayer warrior to keep us from falling apart again.

So we went to the hospital the next day (Dec 2), and had the cerclage put in. We stayed the night in the hospital, and they monitored Sarah, and the baby, too. All went well, and seems to be up to this point. However, we’re not yet all in the clear. I do worry about my baby, and my wife, too.

But today, I was listening to some music on my iPod, and “randomly”, the song Beautiful by MercyMe started playing. I was listening, and then was almost brought to tears. I’ve been struggling with the though of “Why would God take our first baby, and come so close to taking this one?”. I got an answer. He’s not trying to. He doesn’t want us to feel this pain – that’s why He did.

“Before you ever took a breath
Long before the world began
Of all the wonders He possessed
There was one more precious
Of all the earth and skies above
You’re the one He madly loves
Enough to die! “

He has never wanted us to suffer. I guess what I need to do is just trust. I need to trust him to guide our steps. It doesn’t mean I’m not going to fight for our baby like crazy, but it does mean that I’m going to give Him everything that I can to take care of it.