The long awaited… Back to front roll!

Truett figured out how to get from his back to his tummy… Now it’s next to impossible to keep him on his back, even for a diaper change!

and a thanks to Uncle Scotty & Aunt Ramah for the “bear butt” jammies!

3 thoughts on “The long awaited… Back to front roll!

  1. janetlake

    No wonder he turned over with that scary spider hanging over him! 🙂
    Seriously, he is growing up so quickly. Crawling will be next!

  2. jhoward

    He’s probably thinking “all I want to do is roll over and these dumb things keep whacking me in the head!”

  3. Krista Baker

    I was pulling (pushing) for him all the way – struggling to get that left arm to cooperate. So cute!

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