Three Months!

My big 3 month old

What our little man is up to:

13 pounds 4 ounces

25 inches long

Wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes. He still wears his Newborn shorts to fit his skinny waist, but anything one piece has to be at LEAST 3-6 months because he is so long!

Rolls from tummy to back

Sleeps 7-8 hours at night eats and goes back to sleep for 2-4 hours

LOVES water! He loves to swim, and still loves to take a bath.

Loves to smile and talk, but he saves most of his smiles and talking for when his daddy comes home from work!

His new trick is doing “sit ups”. When we lay him down he tries to sit up! He is trying so hard! He also likes to practice his squats!

Truett prefers to stand when we hold him. He still likes to cuddle, but usually likes to be able to see what is going on! His new obsession is ceiling fans. He could stare at them for hours! He is also batting and kicking at the toys on his play gym a lot more!

It still astounds me how much we love our little man!

Such a silly boy!

4 thoughts on “Three Months!

  1. Mojo-Mujanjo

    Max loved ceiling fans, too. I think they’re making mental lists of things to toss up into them. I know that’s the direction Max’s research has taken him.

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