Truett’s First Christmas Presents!

So Aunt Sissy (Christi) and family got our little guy some awesome presents for Christmas, even though he’s not here quite yet.

He made out like a little bandit!

Truett's Pile O' Presents

The Stylish "My Aunt Rocks" T-shirt - Yes she does...

The Official Linus Security Blanket

"My dad is outta this world T-shirt"

Snuggle Bunnies Book

Pantalones! x 2

Thanks Aunt Sissy – You Rock!!!

2 thoughts on “Truett’s First Christmas Presents!

  1. sandrasue12

    I’m so sorry he is going to have nothing to wear:) Can’t wait to see pics of him wearing these adorable clothes!!

  2. kassie

    I think its so fun!!! Xander has the My dad is outta this world shirt and my aunt is awesome shirt!!!! 🙂

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