We are way behind… I guess I’ve been slacking!

Six month update:

What our little man is up to:

15  pounds 10 oz

27 inches long

Wearing mostly 9-12 month clothes.

He is trying to crawl but doesn’t get too far!

He started reaching for us to pick him up!

Still sleeping great!

Loves: Bath time, eating Avocados and peaches.

Still has swollen gums… but no teeth yet.

This was an eventful month! Truett got to go on his first airplane with Mommy. We went to Massachusetts for Auntie Jessi’s wedding shower. When we got back Nanna came to stay with us because Mommy had to get her gall bladder taken out!

7 Month Update:

What our little man is up to:

18  pounds

Wearing mostly 12 month clothes.

Army Crawling!!!!!

Loves: Bath time, eating EVERYTHING, and playing with his toys.

We finally have our first tooth!!!!!

Big milestones: Learned to drink from a straw, started “blowing kisses” (he just makes the kissing noise) Got his first tooth, started saying “Da Da”, pulled up for the first time, started playing Peek-A-Boo on his own. He got his first french fry after stealing it off my plate, got his first hand slap- we are very into cords, and we went to the Apple Orchard with a mom’s group from church!

I can’t believe how fast he is changing! Our little man is so big!

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