What we have been up to….

Meeting new family!

Over the 4th of July we traveled to Andover. Truett got to meet Great Uncle Jerry and Great Aunt Cathy, Cousins Jeremy and Shannon and their kids: Taylor, Isaiah, Joshua, and Eli! They had so much fun!

But it wore him out!

Luckily he woke up to in time to catch some fireworks with Aunt Sissy!

We have discovered this month how much fun the exersaucer can be!

He is getting so strong!

“Aunt” Meggie invited us over for dinner and a swim in their pool!

He squealed and thought it was super fun!

When it cools off in the evenings Truett loves to sit outside… especially when Daddy is home!

Truett loved snuggling with Kinsley when she came over to play!

Daddy and Truett spent one evening watching Star Wars together…

Truett soon fell asleep.. The excitement must have been too much!

Mommy is watching another little boy for a couple weeks!

Brazos and Truett are becoming great buddies!

We LOVE eating cereal now!

It is super yummy!

We have started smiling when the camera comes out… Isn’t he sweet?

I could just eat him up!

So there you have our update from this month… hope you enjoy the pictures!



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